This site is in BETA version.

A new site with some layout changes focused on just TWICE and NiziU is currently under contruction.


KAni Lyrics is an ANIME and J-POP/K-POP song lyrics.

What makes this website different from other lyrics site?

KAni Lyrics have synced lyrics with YouTube embedded official music video or audio.
You may find romanized lyrics in YT's comment section but the video is all the way up. In this site, the video stays on top!

Sing along with your favorite K-Pop or anime song while streaming their music video!

Originally, the plan was to make the romanized/romaji lyrics in synced and auto-scrolling just like how Spotify lyrics are. In the end, the auto-scrolling feature was sacrificed in exchange of lyrics with at least two languages which is Japanese and English or Korean and English. Sometimes, English lyrics are added if available.
(not confident enough to translate lol)

This website is ad-free.

YouTube Embedded Video/Audio

Some devices might get ads on YouTube players. Those are the videos' ads and not this website’s ads.
iPhone devices won’t get ads as it replaces YouTube player by default in exchange of limited playback quality. Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice in this.


English translations will only be included if it's also included as CC in the YouTube video.
If in case there's an official English version of the song, [English ver.] will be included along the song title.
Same case for Korean and/or Japanese songs. If the song is originally in Korean and there's an official Japanese version, [Japanese ver.] will be included and vice-versa.

  • This is a one-man project so please bare with my speed in coding and time-mapping of the lyrics.
  • I have not given up on auto-scrolling feature yet but for now, it's not a priority.


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